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    Zhuhai GuanHao BarCode Technology Co.,Ltd. established in 1998,we are one of the earliest manufactory set-up production lines for airway bill,courier bill,computer bill and bar code printing in Guangdong province.
    Product include:Bar code Courier bill, Airway Bill, Consignment Note, Delivery Order, Sticker Note, Barcode Lable,Receipt & Invoice, ATM Thermal roll paper,Pin Mailer / Pay slip / Confidential envelope,  Receipt book,Continuous computer forms etc.

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    • Warm tea party to welcome new employees In order to give employees a chance of exchanging ideas , enhance friendship platform to deepen communication and understanding among employees , focusing on employees that come from different regions of the country to create the feeling of home, especially at Saturday 7:00 pm on April 27th, we organized tea party for new employees , I warmly welcome you to join Shenglong team.
    • Shenglong Chairman Speech Dear colleagues, Candidates of our great dream, the past few months under the company superb strategic thinking guidance, through the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company is quietly undergoing a dramatic transformation, the fact proved Shenglong's development and growth has started, a great Shenglong upcoming birth .
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